Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Welcome - My First Bookplate

Welcome to my exlibris/bookplate blog.

At the moment, much of my life seems to revolve around bookplates, often known as "ex libris". Not only do I have a modest collection of them but I also earn a living by creating them. This blog will explore both collection and my own work.

I remember acquiring my first bookplate very clearly. I used to visit a second-hand bookseller most weekends to look over the stock. One Saturday, she told me that she had acquired several books from the library of Ernest Shackleton, the explorer, and that they contained his bookplate. They were not expensive and so I purchased one "An Outline Sketch Of American Literature" by Henry A Beers, published by the Chautauqua Press of New York in 1887, so this copy was probably second hand when Shackleton acquired it.

The bookplate itself is actually no more than a printed book label and it seemed fitting to me that an explorer who endured hardships would have something simple and straightforward to paste into his books. I like to think that this small volume accompanied the great man on his travels but this is rather unlikely.

Here then is my first bookplate:

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